Friday, January 19, 2007

The Masters - semifinals

The Masters are now down to four players.

19-year old Ding Junhui from China beat Stephen Lee in the quarterfinal (6-2) had a good chance to become the first player ever to score two maximum breaks in the same tournament. He came up a little short with only two more reds on the table. He ended with a decent shot on the black but hit the pink so it came close to the cushion. Trying to get a perfect angle on the last red to move the pink he ended up missing the black... Exciting though!

Ronnie O-Sullivan bet Ken Doherty who at the scoreline 5-5 got a bad hit on the white and missed with an open table - and O'Sullivan took care of the opportunity. Overall a very well played match.

Stehphen Maguire won over Neil Robertson in the tournaments probably most shaking quarterfinal. Maguire seemed to have some troble getting over the finish line and Roberson got several chances. Though Robertsons attacking game wasn't working and that gave Maguire the chances he needed to finish the match 6-2.

Shaun Murphy who seem to have found his form were struggling in the match against Stephen Hendry. Both players seemed to have problems controlling the white ball (my guess is somethin in the conditions of the table changed). The match finished 6-3 to Hendry.

  • Stephen Maguire vs Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • Stephen Hendry vs Ding Junhui

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