Sunday, January 21, 2007

Feijen wins The 8-Ball Battle of Scandinavia

Niels Feijen wins The 8-Ball Battle of Scandinavia in Oslo (Norway) over 17-year old Artem Koshevyy!

Niels Feijen beat Mick Hill in one of the semifinals, Artem Koshevyy beat Ralf Souquet in the other semifinal. Congratulations to both, and a special congratulations to Artem who I got the oppertunity to practice with a couple of month ago when I were training for Jorgen Sandman in Malmo. A very talented young player and also a very nice guy.

The format of the tournament were first group stage, matches to 5, alternating breaks. From last 32 best of 5 sets first to 3 points, alternating breaks.

Read more about the torunamnet here:

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