Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great Britain and Russia winners of Nations Cup 2009

Team Great Britain (Darren Appleton, Karl Boyes & Imran Majid) won the Nations Cup for men 2009!

In the last round team Great Britain faced another great team - Team Russia (Ruslan Chinahov, Konstantin Stepanov & Egor Plishkin), but they managed to win the match comfortably. Darren Appleton won his straight pool match against Konstantin Stepanov 125-59, Imran Majid won over Ruslan Chinahov in an exciting third set, and thus the victory was secured and Karl Boyes and Egor Plishkin left their match tied at 1-1 in set.

The Nations Cup for women were won by Team Russia (Olga Levina & Darya Sirotina), by defeating team Germany (Janine Schwan & Anja Wagner) in the finals.

Nations Cup is an EPBF-event this year held in Kielce - Poland. The mens teams consists of three players: one player plays straight pool, one plays 8-ball and one plays 9-ball - in each round. The straight pool match is a match first to 125 points, the 8-ball match is played in three sets - first to 4 points and the 9-ball match is also played in three sets - first to 5 points. The womens teams consists of two players: one player plays 8-ball and one plays 9-ball, and if the score is even a shoot-out game will be played.