Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great Britain and Russia winners of Nations Cup 2009

Team Great Britain (Darren Appleton, Karl Boyes & Imran Majid) won the Nations Cup for men 2009!

In the last round team Great Britain faced another great team - Team Russia (Ruslan Chinahov, Konstantin Stepanov & Egor Plishkin), but they managed to win the match comfortably. Darren Appleton won his straight pool match against Konstantin Stepanov 125-59, Imran Majid won over Ruslan Chinahov in an exciting third set, and thus the victory was secured and Karl Boyes and Egor Plishkin left their match tied at 1-1 in set.

The Nations Cup for women were won by Team Russia (Olga Levina & Darya Sirotina), by defeating team Germany (Janine Schwan & Anja Wagner) in the finals.

Nations Cup is an EPBF-event this year held in Kielce - Poland. The mens teams consists of three players: one player plays straight pool, one plays 8-ball and one plays 9-ball - in each round. The straight pool match is a match first to 125 points, the 8-ball match is played in three sets - first to 4 points and the 9-ball match is also played in three sets - first to 5 points. The womens teams consists of two players: one player plays 8-ball and one plays 9-ball, and if the score is even a shoot-out game will be played.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Updates on Twitter

Hi dear friends of all kinds of cuesports!

I've been really lazy with my updates for a while. Now a father of two wonderful kids, and also a poolhall owner, so I've been kind of busy. Anyhow I'll try to find some time for updates about what's happening on the european billiardscene.

From now on I'll be using Twitter (se right column) for short updates, and upcoming events. Do you have some information you think shold be published on this page, please drop me a line!